I'm a student and technologist living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I'm left handed, I type 100 words per minute, and I prefer my coffee black.

I live in the lovely town of Fort Collins in northern Colorado with my beautiful girlfriend, Grace. My hobbies include writing, programming, coffee, flyfishing, hammocking, and ultimate frisbee. I'm studying data science at Colorado State University, and I am the founder of The 4th Paradigm, an organization at CSU focused on giving students experience with collaborative problem solving using data-driven techniques.

I'm a novice data scientist and writer, and this website is a hub for my work.

Most of my writing is hosted on Medium, so give me a follow or a few claps over there. I like to write about programming, data science, economics, and technology. Other topics that are important to me include education and inter/intra-personal skills.

I'm also working with the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science to advance one health data, that is, data that informs the advancement of both human, animal, and environmental health. As a member of the CTSA One Health Alliance, we're building a national data warehouse for the CSU CVMBS electronic health records in order to empower researchers to investigate bigger questions.

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