Let's work together.

The best way to market your product, service, or content is to share the story. You want your audience to engage with your motivation and mission, and invest themselves in the experience you provide.

Let me tell your story.

I provide copy and content writing services at $25 per page. To work with me, please start by getting in touch.

Why do you charge per page, instead of per word or per hour?

Charging per page is the best way to ensure that I am delivering the expected value. Your page might take 1 hour of my time, or 10. Your page might lend itself well to 2,000 words, or 20. Each story has a different nature.

Why is your rate so low?

As a novice writer, I'm focused on gaining experience. If you're looking for outstanding copy at a low rate, this is the perfect opportunity for you. My rate will increase sometime next year.